Richard Garlick to join Arsenal as director of football

Arsenal hire Richard Garlick to replace Huss Fahmy and report to Edu for work on contracts.

Despite the calls for Arsenal to hire names like Mark Overmars or Ralf Rangnick, Arsenal were adamant that they would not be replacing Raul after his unceremonious departure from the club. They did say they would be looking to hire a replacement for the work that Huss Fahmy did in the form of a position reporting to Edu.

Today, David Ornstein of The Athletic, broke the news that Arsenal will be hiring Richard Garlick as their new director of football.

Garlick comes to Arsenal after spending times as West Brom’s director of football before making the switch the join the Premier League.

“In his role, he has the task of overseeing football operations, football relations, youth development, coaching and young player education.

“He was previously director of football administration at West Brom and prior to that worked at a number of law firms.”

He was the director of football for the Premier League for two-and-a-half years, but West Brom’s for a little over eight before that.

“He is a qualified solicitor specialising in sports law.”

It’s clear that the intent of this move to take up the role Huss vacated and that it’s his background in law that makes him highly sought after by Arsenal football club. It’s understandable that Edu, a past footballer himself, doesn’t possess that law background which makes Garlick an important addition to the contact conversations.

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