“He is fantastic,” says Arteta on David Luiz

An interesting write-up from gushes over what David Luiz offers this Arsenal team. The fact that it’s coming off the back of Rob Holding’s new contract extension only stands to raise a reader’s eyebrows a bit further.

Opening up with, “it was no surprise to Mikel Arteta that David Luiz came into the team against Newcastle on Saturday and delivered a flawless display,” sets the tone right from the start.

No surprise he was flawless? If Luiz is flawless, why are we seeing Rob Holding capture all the time and the new contract that ties him to club while Luiz edges closer and closer to the date in which his ties to Arsenal football club are severed?

“He is fantastic,” Arteta said. “He is one of the leaders in the dressing room. He is one of the most experienced players, he has won everything in the game. 

“He is so good with the young kids. When you look at people who can help and be a role model, he is always with them, he is always supporting them, giving them confidence and advice. It is great to have someone like him around.

This is not the first time we have heard about how good Luiz is around the club when it comes to being a positive influence for those that are young around the club. Just about every youngster and new player has been quoted giving Luiz rave reviews about how he helped them acclimate, settle, and find success.

“David had a really difficult season because he had three different things that have kept him away from training and games, which is unusual for him because normally he is always available. He had to deal with that. 

“Then he had to play the other day [against Newcastle] after a two, two-and-a-half week period [out] – and he had to play 120 minutes! I think he was exceptional. 

“Just the way he handled the game against a difficult No 9 like Andy Carroll and to play for 120 minutes as well at his age, without much training, was a real test and I really liked what he did.”

It feels fair to question what this direct and blunt message means. To be posted on the day that Arsenal play Crystal Palace where many will be predicting Rob Holding to make another start is interesting.

Is it to reassure everyone that Arteta and Luiz are still on great terms after rumors surfaced about tension between the two and were thoroughly denied?

Is it to soften the shock when Luiz starts today and waltzed back into the starting role for an extended period of time?

Only time will tell, and Mikel’s selections will guide how we react, but it seems to me like an interesting time and place to plug how great Luiz has been given his absence from the starting lineup for nearly a month.

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