Arsenal FA Cup 4th round + 5th round draw

The Fa Cup draw for the 4th round and 5th round occurred today and Arsenal’s path could be easier

Today was the FA Cup draw for 4th round matchups, as well as, the draw for the 5th round.

Arsenal drew the winner of Southampton and Shrewsbury Town. That match was cancelled last weekend after a number of Shrewsbury Town staff and players tested positive for Covid-19.

So, while Arsenal won’t know officially who they play until that match is made up, it has been narrowed down. It’s may not be the most difficult draw possible, but Southampton is putting together a very impressive season so far. Playing them in the 4th round wont be the easiest.

Manchester United and Liverpool will have stolen the show as they face off with one another in the 4th round.

FA Cup 5th Round

In addition to t he 4th round draw, they went ahead and drew the outcomes for the FA Cup 5th round.

Should Arsenal manage a win against Southampton or Shrewsbury, they would face the winner of Chorley v. Wolverhampton Wolves.

If matches play out in favor of the superior team, a notion that doesn’t account for the magic of the cup, Arsenal could see their path back to Wembley to defend their FA Cup title become rather tricky.

  • Newcastle
  • Southampton
  • Wolverhampton

Not exactly the easiest of paths back to the cup.

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