Arsenal contract-man leaves the club

Huss Fahmy, Arsenal’s contract-man has left the building.

Ever heard the name Huss Fahmy?



As someone who is relatively behind the scene, he may enjoy that that bit of privacy. He isn’t the face of the club like Arteta, nor the playing staff that takes the heat for bad performances. No, Huss is Arsenal contract man and according to The Athletic, he’s left the club.

Officially, Huss Fahmy was the club’s head of football operations and he specialized in contract work. However, as The Athletic reveal in their article, he is the latest person to become marginalized as the club look to streamline the staff.

While this departure leaves a hole, it’s small, and likely not much different than any business losing an employee. I imagine others will fill in for his responsibilities and Edu will manage much of the work.

Some of Huss’ recent contract work and negotiations have been called into question. Pepe being priced so high, some of the contracts of players that get extensions or were signed to long term permanent deals. Low sale prices on players.

I’m not saying that falls solely on his shoulders, but it’s hard to imagine he didn’t have any role in the matter.

Arsenal are truly running a lean crew these days, which makes me wonder if we will begin to get incoming exec type figures any time soon.

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