Gunner Thoughts

Mid-week celebrations

International break is coming to a close, Partey is here, and Eddie is breaking records.

We made it. Wednesday. The final day of the international break and then we can forget about these lulls until… November 14.

What. Another break in less than a month? Enough to make a person seethe with rage. I truly despise international breaks. And that is setting aside the fact that I think having international friendlies are a bad idea this year as is.

But, I will think about that in a month when I am bored once more. In meantime, Arsenal players are beginning to return to London to join up with Mikel once more, including an early arrival of Thomas Partey, who came to take his first pictures and I must say, the man can pull off the red and white.

There is a reason the saying, “look good, play good” exists and if it’s any indicator of what’s ahead, this midfield took a further leap ahead than we even know.

There was no reveal video, no hour glass emojis, no YouTube FaceTime conversations. Not for Thomas. This guy is straight business, here to work, and has a humble personality that reminds me quite a bit of Kieran Tierney’s. Not a bad likeness to be building within the club if you ask me. Mean, aggressive, and skilled on the pitch. Humble, modest, and hardworking off it.

Getting straight down to business, Partey had his first interview with, and not only was his English extremely impressive, his responses were fantastic.

“This a great club, it is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and it is a club that deserves to be aspiring for greater things and I think it doesn’t happen in a day, we have to work hard to make sure we are back to where we belong. I want to make everyone feel happy.”

We want you to also, Thomas. We want that too.

But Partey’s arrival isn’t the only reason to celebrate. Last night, Hale End player and first team fox in the box, pure finisher Eddie Nketiah broke Alan Shearer’s record by scoring his 14th goal at the U-21 level. This makes him the leading scorer of the “hashtag Young Lions”.

Alan Shearer? Not a bad person to have your name associated with Eddie! We know he has a quality knack for finishing his chances. It’s something we get to see all the time, this just proves he can finish on any team you put him on. Hopefully we get to see a bit more of that from him this year.

Arteta still flips between Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah come selection time, and even with the inclusion of Aubameyang central, you have to imagine Nketiah will get his chances.

Big mark, big accomplishment, and a big reason to celebrate on a Wednesday.

Two days left in the transfer window for Arsenal to make a few loans or bring someone in from the Championship league, but it feels as though things are settling in. Man City and a Pep-Arteta reunion in 72 hours to look forward to.

News still slow. Hopefully we ramp up now that this break is coming to an end. See you on Twitter or Facebook for your thoughts on these two celebrations!

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