Torreira loaned to Madrid

Lucas Torreira to Atletico Madrid all but announced.

It was said to be completed today and simply became a matter of time before paperwork was finalized. While neither club has announced it officially, reports are saying Torreira ha completed his loan move to Madrid.

Torreira seemed to be one of those players that came to a team, offered quality, but just didn’t seem to mesh with the make up of the squad as well as hoped. On paper he seemed like everything Arsenal wanted, but in reality he struggled to play alongside Xhaka. Truly, it’s not to say he isn’t a quality player. I genuinely believe he is, but between struggles to settle in London, being asked to play a more attacking role under Emery at times, not quite fitting the bill under Arteta, and a few injuries — things didn’t pan out.

Heading to Madrid actually feels like an incredible fit for him and I hope it is one. Madrid play a very defense-first style of play, and I believe alongside the right partner, Torreira could really take off and find himself a new home. He won his fair share of Man of the Match awards when he was healthy and happy, which tells you what he is capable of.

Wishing him nothing but the best! There has been little concrete information surrounding loan fees, who is covering wages, obligations to be, etc. so we will have to wait to see.

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