Arsenal to pay Partey release clause

Arsenal to make a late move and pay Partey’s release clause.

In a saga that has come and gone, heated up and cooled down, been killed and rebirthed — it appears Arsenal are lining up the agreement to pay Thomas Partey’s release clause.

In a move that may have always been in the plans should Aouar’s deal fall through — as it currently appears it has — Arsenal are working on triggering Partey’s £45m release.

In the past this price has been something that Arsenal have expressed is too great for their current financial situation, but when push comes to shove some things just have to happen. Whether we are looking at the external pressures of knowing that getting no one was unacceptable to the fanbase, or whether Edu, Arteta, and Vinai wanted to make a statement signing to attach to themselves, they seem to have dug deep to fund the move.

In a story broken by Charles Watts, he says that the legal team are at London Colney to make this work and that no negotiations are needed with Atletico. It’s part of the reason that they could afford to move so late on this major transfer, and part of the reason I predicted Arsenal would only get one of their top two targets and I had a feeling it would be Partey.

I believe it is a great decision and we can talk about what this does for Arsenal at the end of the window when everything is announced.

Be excited!

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