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The Final Countdown: Transfer Updates

It’s a transfer blog!

Well it appears much of Arsenal’s transfer business may in fact come down to the final deadline day. October 5th, next week Monday. Since I know many want to talk transfers, we can discuss a few brief updates:

Kolasinac has always seemed like a tough one to sell. He is on high wages, his performances don’t really justify them and he wants to stay are Arsenal. He is connected to Bayer Leverkusen and according to sources that deal is still in the works, despite another below average showing in the Carabao Cup. 11m euros is the price that was tossed around. Not sure if it will stay there, but honestly, any funds and his wages gone would be a huge win.

By all accounts a deal for Torreira is essentially complete. This would see him move to Atletico Madrid on loan with an option to buy. While this outcome isn’t the most desired for Arsenal, I think it does offer a few benefits that could pan out in the short and long term.

This provides some funds upfront to be used on Aouar, and gives Arsenal options at the end of the year. If he puts together a good season, his price could see a hike — especially if the market rebounds a bit — or he could find himself needed. He clearly did not work out next to Xhaka, but there is a quality player there. Potentially, much like Elneny, could we see him return to London and succeed in the midfield then? Probably not, and he can be sold then, but it’s possible.

We all would have preferred a deal done, but there a few small benefits.

In light of Arsenal seemingly being forced to pick between their top targets, Aouar’s ability to play both sides of the ball, carry through the midfield, and help with elements of creation and goal scoring seem to have won the hearts of Areta and Edu over Partety’s strong and technical play. The issue seems to be how difficult working with Lyon, more specifically their President Aulas, really can be. Reports of him continuing to shop Aouar around to PSG, Juve, Real Madrid are filling the news.

Although reliable resources like Fabrizio Romano report that Real Madrid is not in the running for this summer, nor is PSG, with both trying to work out something for a future purchase. According to Romano, Lyon refuses to accept anything under 50m euros but Arsenal are pushing hard. Despite this, there has been nothing agreed to. However, on Arseblog‘s podcast, he said that he spoke to a source he trusts very much and they have said the deal is essentially done. He did not elaborate from there.

Seems as though this deal as stalled in terms of negotiations. Even with Torreira in the mix and that deal being essentially completed, Atletico refuse to mix Partey conversations with Torreira talks. Madrid remain confident Partey will stay, which leaves Arsenal with no option but paying his entire release clause upfront, now. That is a hefty, hefty price tag for a club reportedly low on funds. Any pennies from the Aouar deal will be money put toward Partey, but with time running short, it definitely will be a nerve racking few days. To add insult to injury, as I am writing this, reports linking Partey to Chelsea have emerged. It would be one thing for Arsenal not to get him, another for him to come to London and play for another team. Slightly seething inside at that thought.

One of the very few names that have come up attached to Arsenal, NOT named Partey or Aouar, is Jorginho. While his agent denies there being an offer, something I have no problem believing, it doesn’t fully put to bed the possibility of there having been some considerations or talks.

Jorginho is someone that is getting quite a cold, initial reception from Arsenal fans. It makes some sense given it feels a bit like another Premier League team’s reject being linked with Arsenal, like a club of sloppy seconds, but there may be a few legitimate reasons for Arteta’s consideration. Jorginho doesn’t solve Arsenal’s creativity issue, far from, but he does offer a player that, in my opinion, sits somewhere between Xhaka and Ceballos. He is a bit more mobile than Xhaka, moves the ball around, plays good defense, pressures, and organizes. If I tried to understand what Arteta sees in him it would be a mobile, engine player that can move the ball around and potentially sit at the base of a 3-man midfield. Not sure that makes me excited at the prospect though…

Side stories:

There are a few links, mostly sales, that haven’t gotten immense amount of traction that still have some potential merit for you to keep eyes on.

Smith-Rowe is someone that many fans would be a little bit upset to see leave once more on loan. He went out late last season to Huddersfield and had a successful stint there starting 13 games, subbing into 6 games, and tallying 2 goals and 3 assists. By all accounts he was a player that Hudderfield really enjoyed having and it’s easy to understand why. He has an ability to get on the ball and create. It’s for this reason, many Arsenal fans want to see him stay and grow in London. However, as Arteta looks to bolster the midfield with another purchase or two, he could make way in order to get time once more.

Fullham and Southampton are keeping eyes on the situation. This is a major step up from Huddersfield.

Reiss Nelson
Another Arsenal youngster that may soon find himself being loaned out is Reiss Nelson. I think many were suprised, and possibly disappointed, not to see him be selected for yesterday’s match against Liverpool, but something larger may have been at play. Not only a desire to get Pepe time and try Willock out in that right wing, Wilian room, but a desire to keep Nelson’s stock high and healthy.

Crystal Palace, Brighton, and Burnley have been linked.

William Saliba
In a bit of news that would really shock and worry Arsenal fans, William Saliba has been linked with a loan away and Rennes are interested. Saliba has yet to make a competitive appearance for Arsenal having Holding fill the right center back role instead. Very few players received this much hype, this high of expectations, and had this heavy of a burden put on them before even putting a foot on the field in an Arsenal kit.

He was very impressive in his friendly against MK Dons, but it is pretty clear that he is going through some things and Arteta and staff don’t believe he is ready. The fact that he is being linked with a move away suggests that he may be further from ready for that responsibility than many believed.

I intend on writing a more complete piece on my thoughts about Saliba this weekend, but we will have to see if he remains in London or spends another year elsewhere.

Arsenal have a lot of business to get done before the window closes. I think it’s a given that there will be more moves confirmed. What is NOT a given, is that they will be the moved Arsenal fans want. Whether that is sales and loans of players they want to stay, or settling to bring in a player like Jorginho.

The next few days promise to be interesting, made more complicated by the Sheffield United match, given Arteta’s role within transfers. That’s not to say deals and talks halt when Arteta has a match to prepare for, but you have to imagine it has SOME degree of effect.

Here we go again!

One reply on “The Final Countdown: Transfer Updates”

You are correct about sloppy seconds, so used to give all ours to west ham..and look at them now!!
Jorginho being an example not a player to build for the future with William is enough to carry.
Saliba after all the reports of how good he is surely he must be challenging Holding etc..if not have we bought a dud? Don’t think so as Gabriel and him could be the answer to our defensive problems and a pairing for the future


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