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Neto in net and Kia saves the day?

Arsenal linked with Kia Joorabchian’s client Neto.

Watching the moment Bernd Leno landed awkwardly and screamed out in agony was one of the toughest moments of the season, which is really saying something in a year filled with injuries, poor performances, and frustration. Immediately all thoughts were on what a blow Leno’s injury would be to the chances of success from Arsenal’s finish to the season and in wishing Leno a smooth recovery. But after the shock and anger died down, questions began to turn toward how Arsenal, the club, would react to fill the spot.

Emiliano Martinez came in and made a few nice saves during the Brighton match, but could arguably have been at fault for the game-winner that saw him come out a bit too far to close down too tight of an angle that Mustafi may have had closed down. However, with uncertainty over the length of time Leno will be sidelined for and rumors we may be looking at almost a full year, many believe Arsenal will be forced to purchase another keeper.

Well if there is one thing we can count on, it’s when Arsenal have a gap to be filled in the squad, on man always has the solution. Enter our prized, resplendent, beautiful partner in crim Kia Joorabchian.

Without fail, he has stepped up time and time again to thrust his clients into the spotlight and ensnare the attention of Edu and Raul. Links with Willian, Coutinho, and Layvin Kurzawa. Loans of Cedric Soares that are likely to be extended and made permanent. Now, when Arsenal may be in desperate need of a goalkeeper to keep out the danger their porous backline allows through, Kia is there on the double with his man Neto.

According to various sources, Arsenal are connected with Barcelona keeper Neto. Although there are beliefs that Neto will only go to a club where he can be a first teamer playing European football, many wouldn’t put it past Kia and Raul to come to an agreement, being the best pals, they are. Barcelona are reportedly looking for any deal made to be a permanent purchase for a value around twenty million, while Arsenal may be looking into options that don’t involve a permanent deal.

It’s another example of Arsenal flocking straight to their super-agent pal Kia for the solution to their problems and another solution player that is arguably not an upgrade on our first selection. While Neto could be an improvement over Martinez, I think few would consider him better than Bernd Leno — certainly not this year. For anyone concerned at how Arsenal are sourcing their future options, it’s another example of the direction things seem to be heading in the new regime.

Neto has played in only 4 matches with Barcelona this year, resulting in 7 goals conceded and no clean sheets.

Your move, Arsenal.

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