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Guendouzi won’t face ban for post-game, Maupay reaction

If you were a fan that reached the final whistle and had seen quite enough Arsenal football for the weekend, you likely clicked off the game in frustration and missed the bust-up between Matteo Guendouzi and Brighton’s forward Maupay.

Maupay had gone above and beyond on Saturday making himself a villain in the eyes of Gooners across the world after he leaped into a jumping Bern Leno and clatter him into an awkward landing that saw him scream in agony and be stretchered off. I, myself, sat with bated breath to see someone from the Arsenal side take justice into their own hands when the game resumed after the action saw no discipline from Martin Atkinson. However, it never came.

To make matters worse, Arsenal’s woes would be compounded when Maupay delicately chipped the game winner up and over an onrushing Emiliano Martinez after he came on for the injured Leno. The goal would make an already frustrating day hit rock bottom and at the whistle, a shot of victory from Maupay was all too much for Guendouzi.

Everyone wondered what would happen. Atkinson did not seem inclined to take any action post-game to show a red card and seal Guendouzi’s fate which put it to the FA to settle the case and determine if there would be any ban.

Today, according to, the FA stated:

“Matteo Guendouzi’s conduct during this incident was not seen by the match officials at the time, but it was subsequently reviewed by the VAR, so he will face no further action”

It’s a bit of a shocking result, but one that Arteta may welcome given the limited selection he has. It has yet to be determined, to my knowledge, if Arsenal will take any action on their own to discipline the behavior.

After the game, Maupay suggested that Arsenal players lack “humility”. Arteta was quick to come to their defense saying he knows his players and the one thing they most certainly do not lack is humility.

Depending on the club’s actions, they may simply be behind Arsenal as we wait for an official statement on Leno’s injury.

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