Gunner Thoughts

Arsenal 2-3 Brentford

Early reports suggest Arsenal fall to Brentford in today’s friendly 3-2

Earlier today, Arsenal took the field for their second friendly in the run up to the official restart against Manchester City on June 17th. This time it was against Championship side Brentford who have managed a decent campaign, currently seeing them in 4th place.

It is the second friendly in 4 days for the Gunners who rolled to a 6-0 win over Charlton Athletic at the weekend and, in an effort to adjust to this kind of compact schedule, on this short timeline, they go again.

The result will have been far from ideal for the Gunners as they fell 3-2. They did manage to get off to an okay start and see themselves up 1-0 halftime after a Willock goal (second game in a row), but would concede 3 in the 2nd. Lacazette would score Arsenal’s second goal to make the score 2-1. This also makes 2 goals in 2 games for him.

We will wait to see if Arsenal post another highlight video of the game to see if there were any consistencies from the last outing and identify some points of intrigue. Again, the priority of this game was fitness and a bit of technical work and friendlies often produce interesting results. After all, our Unai-led Arsenal side beat Bayern Munich 2-1 this year.

There are likely still a few things to consider or think about from the game, but no need to panic quite yet!

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