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Round 5 of COVID19 testing results in 1 positive

It is announced that the 5th round of Covid testing resulted in 1 positive sample after a 4th round that had seen none.

In breaking news today, David Ornstein announced that the results of the Premier League’s 5th round of COVID19 testing has resulted in 1 positive sample of 1197 taken.

This comes after a 4th round that had 0 positive results for the first time and now shows just how fickle and contractable this illness is. There is nothing to prove that the startup of ‘phase 2’ training with full-team contact has led to this, but there is a worry that someone would contract it outside of the training grounds and bring it in with them.

Results of previous testing rounds:

R4: 0 positives from 1130
R3: 4 positives (3 clubs) from 1008
R2: 2 positives (2 clubs) from 996
R1: 6 positives (3 clubs) from 748

Total 13 positives from 5079 tests

Would be too far to suggest this will have a major effect on Project Restart given how dedicated the Premier League is on seeing games out, but the next round could be crucial if we begin to see a resurgence in positive tests.

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