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Ornstein: “Arsenal find breakthrough in player negotiations”

Arsenal are finding common ground in striking a deal over wage cuts that appears close to the finish line. Arteta intervention and Bellerin’s work leading the way.

On Thursday, Ornstein tweeted to announce that Arsenal had found a breakthrough in player negotiations that were leading to them being close to a consensus on taking a 12.5% wage cut

In an article for The Athletic, Ornstein writes that Arteta made a pivotal intervention in the situation to be an in-between on behalf of the player’s best interest and in support of the club. Ornstein adds that “one source described Arteta as an ‘incredible man’”.

On Twitter, Ornstein made sure to note that this situation is still at a delicate point with nothing signed due to the different circumstances revolving around each player’s contract but getting this done would make Arsenal the 1st club in the league to agree to cuts.

This is a turnaround from the initial reaction that saw a split decision amongst players in regard to the cut – 13 players accepting and 14 rejecting. Many players were seeking confirmation and assurances that these funds would be passed along to club staff in an effort to keep them paid during this period of no games with fears that the funds would go to recouping some of the money KSE has likely lost as owners.

They questioned why Arsenal were asking players to take direct cuts, when other clubs like Southampton were asking for wage deferral.

It seems unclear what, if anything, has changed about the offer in recent days, but appears that these cuts will still include a range of potential outcomes depending on how the season is finished, if Arsenal qualify for European play, and details surrounding players sold in the coming window.  

While we await more details, this is hopefully the beginning of something promising for the club versus something that could have quickly turned sour. Based on Ornstein’s tweet that there are players with “valid reasons not to back the deal”, we will have to hope this does not rot their desire to be at Arsenal in the future.

It’s good news following this week’s announcement from the club that called out the executive team’s willingness to accept a third of their earnings over the next year. However, that declaration did not come with any details around exactly what funds were being waived or how they were being used – wage cuts, deferrals, or simply waiving any expected bonuses.

Kudos to Hector Bellerin and our fine, new manager Mikel Arteta for the work they have put into this, clearly it is being appreciated.

I will keep you posted on any updates as they are revealed.

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