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Back on by June?

Could games return by early June? That’s the new date, but is it just the new date or are shareholders looking to force a conclusion?

There is little doubt that a return to playing games would see the season finish behind closed doors, but there are suggestions that we could see the Premiere League return in early June.

Sky Sports reported that the Premier League’s director of football, Richard Garlick and the league’s medical advisor Mark Gillett, are working with clubs regularly on what could realistically be expected of players if and when the season resumes.

This, combined with the FA’s offering of both Wembley and St. George’s Park as venue options suggests they are willing to do whatever possible to get the remaining fixtures completed. Doing so would alleviate a lot of the headaches they currently face around how to determine end-of-season results, next year’s promotion and relegation, and European qualification status.

By offering venues like Wembley and St. George’s Park, it is believed there may be days where multiple games are played at the venue in a single day. Sky referenced reports calling this a ‘Festival of Football’.

It ended by noting that last weeks shareholder conference focused on club’s concerns over financing with this week’s conference to be focused around options for completing the season.

Gunner Thoughts

I would be lying to you if I suggested that I don’t crave the day that football returns and we can cheer on the Arsenal and I would be lying if I told you I that isn’t something I want as soon as possible, but deep down I know it haas to be done under the right pretext.

Normally I would assume this is simply the new “goal date” that continues to be pushed along month at a time – and it might still be. The Premier League does need to be prepared should the global situation improve. However, little suggests that a major improvement will be made in the coming weeks, which leads me to wonder if this is the new “goal date” for in case, or if the FA is looking for any wiggle room they can find with the word “safe”.

Assured safety for players, staff, and supplementary workers needs to exist for this to get my approval and the idea of having multiple games with multiple teams in the same dressing rooms, field, and spaces suggests this could be a real solution or an absolute disaster putting these people at risk.

In conclusion, if this is simply the new date, pushed down the road again I will understand, but if we are seeing the shareholders and the League forcing a situation to alleviate their own issues, I don’t like it. I understand the pressure that would be eased by having a fully completed season, but the Premier League should look to set an example for everyone on how serious this should be taken.

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