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The World May Be Falling Apart but Twitter Is Crumbling Faster

As the world is isolated with its own thoughts, Twitter has become the meter for how far we have fallen into this whole. Another day without football. Help us!

It’s early days in an unspecified amount of time without football. Each minute that passes adds to the wishful thinking that it may all return in a mere month. Fingers crossed. However, by the day my hope fades and I am looking to move onto other sources of entertainment to add to my life. Afterall, we as humans are programmed to forget and move on.

I am certainly the type to get ‘cooped-up’, if you will, so this quarantined lifestyle is certainly not for me. I find myself restlessly doing push-ups and sit-ups with no desire to gain anything from it but a distraction from the chaos around me. All is well, I assure you, fear not. Adjusting to a lifestyle that offers little movement in a smaller enclosure has been difficult. It had dawned on me that this is yet another reason prison is never an option – but who lists it as an option really?

Things will get better. The masses seem to be taking up the cause which is certainly what it will take to put an end to this – sooner rather than later – but in the meantime I watch content creators around me to begin to deteriorate as they scrounge for material. Suddenly, I feel like I am doing alright. Some of the posts and social content flying around the internet are, frankly, shocking. Twitter is proving the be the focal point of insanity.

A world that caters itself to firing off a quick thought is the breeding ground for shocking mistakes built by a trapped body displaying how far the mind can go in such a little time.

Mostly it is all fun and games. I have no issues with attempts to entertain, but some of these are wild.

Some favorites:

  • James Milner rationing his tea bags
  • Mailing letters to Arteta and Kieran Tierney
  • People playing out the season on Fifa in desperation
  • People setting up games on Fifa where the computer players, desperate to watch
  • The “Day # without sports” – Not that I haven’t heard most of them during the summer but some are getting quite creative
  • Clubs like Wolverhampton and Bayern Leverkusen playing one another in Connect 4 using emojis

This list could go on, but we are at Day 4!!

There has been a dark side to it all. I won’t give life or time to people showing their darker humors, but the shock of how quick they have dissolved without a steady stream of football content is alarming.

For me? I will continue to chronicle my journey for all of you and try to stay above the madness for as long as I can. I simply cling to the things that still remain from life when football wasn’t cancelled.

If there is one thing that remains it’s this: People still fight over Mesut Ozil.  

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